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Improvements To The Latest DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizers

DaVinci portable vaporizers depicted above in a few of the colors available.

DaVinci, which is essentially a classic portable at this point, has undergone some upgrades that we’d like to share with you. While we have yet to publish our review of the DaVinci vaporizer, which we’ll do soon enough, we’d like to take a moment to update you on what’s changed with this popular vape. The latest variant takes advantage of a magnetic latching system which works great. It snaps shut, opens with ease, and stays closed. Beyond the new latch, the battery now offers an additional hour of vapor production. Compared to the old battery, which only offered 40 minutes of vape time, this new battery is quite the upgrade. For the sake of reiterating in an easier to read format, here’s a little list of what’s changed with the new Da Vinci vaporizer:

  • Battery Improved – A fully charged battery now offers 1 hour 40 minutes (was previously 40 minutes) of vaporization.
  • Latching System Updated – The new system utilizes a magnetic latch which works quite well.

That about does it for this update. With the Ascent just days away from shipping, we’re excited to publish our initial review in the near future. From your friends here at VapeForest.com, keep it fresh.