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Upcoming Portable Vaporizers: Puffit X And The New Vapir

Our sources, who will remain anonymous, have informed us that there are a couple of new portable vaporizers on the horizon that we should keep an eye out for. First, there’s the Puffit-X by Discreet Vape (makers of the inhaler vaporizer we all know as the Puffit). This new portable may or may not be the first forced-air portable vaporizer on the market. Currently, we’re not aware of any other portables on the market which employ an internal fan so this may very well be the first. Whether or not it will look anything like its stealth predecessor is surely a question which a lot of us are wondering, however, we unfortunately don’t have that information at this time. You can rest assured, we’ll let you know what’s up with this new Puffit X as soon as our sources provide us with additional information.

Onto the new Vapir portable vaporizer which, as of present, has no name that we are aware of so we’ll simply refer to it as Vapir’s new portable or something similar. We have no information on this vaporizer, however, we find ourselves excited by the notion of Vapir (a well known manufacturer) releasing a portable into the marketplace because we’ve had a chance to use some of their products over the years and subsequently have high expectations. In fact, we recently published our review of Vapir’s Rise which you can see here.

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Lots Of New Vapes Coming Out This Year

Just a quick update to let you all know that there are plenty of new vaporizers coming out this year and we’re excited to try quite a few of the ones we’ve been enlightened to. While this may come off as a teaser, we just wanted to let you all know that there are some really interesting new ones coming out and it should definitely be an exciting year for anyone who loves to vaporize.

While we’ve got your attention, we might as well divulge what we’ve been up to lately. There’s been a lot of commotion floating around regarding DaVinci’s latest vape (this one) and as of today, they’re still not available for purchase. On this note, if you’re still wondering when the Ascents are coming out, it should be soon, however, there’s still no official word. Remember, those of you who are subscribed to our newsletter will be the amongst the first to know when it comes out.

On another note, we’ve been hard at work on some projects that we’re fairly certain will correct some misconceptions out there. One of those misconceptions pertains to our initial video review of the Ascent. The glass piece we insert into the mouthpiece is not supposed to be inserted in this manner. While this does (seriously) help prevent finely ground blend from entering your mouth while drawing vapor through the device, it’s not the intended application of the glass piece, as it actually composes the bottom half of the glass vapor pathway. To remove it, simply slide the heating chamber open and pull it out from the bottom. Hopefully, that resolves at least one issue and while we realize this is an inadequate resolution at the moment, we would like to assure everyone that we will eventually release our updated video review.

P.S. Our blog looks terrible and we apologize for this, however, we’ve placed little focus on updating the appearance of our blog in light of our focus being our vaporizer reviews.

New Vaporizer Reviews Are Coming Soon!

We just wanted to let all of you know that we have been busy testing some new vaporizers and we expect to finish the review process fairly soon. After which point, we’ll publish our findings on the review section of our website and update the vaporizer rankings (our top 10 list) on the homepage to reflect any changes that occur. This is the plan. So what is it that we have in store for you next? Well…

For starters, there’s the Rise (click to read our review). This intriguing vape is truly one of a kind at this time. We don’t want to spill all the beans on this one before we get a chance to publish our review, however, let’s just say that it can do everything the viVape 2 can do and more. It is truly a match for the Extreme Q and the aforementioned digital vaporizer by Vaporfection.

Another vape that we’ll have a review for soon enough is the Dube. This pen vaporizer looks similar to an electronic cigarette, however, it’s designed to vaporize loose-leaf tobacco. That’s right, there’s no need for eLiquids with this one, you can load your dry blends right into the cartridge and begin vaporizing in just a matter of seconds. While we could tell you significantly more about this vape, we here at Vape Forest believe we should refrain from the time being, as to allow ourselves adequate time to thoroughly review the product.

While there are other vaporizers we are currently reviewing at this time, we’re going to save the rest of them for another day. Rest assured, we will be publishing reviews of some of the newest vaporizers in the near future. If you haven’t already, make sure you sign-up for our newsletter to get updates sent straight to your inbox! If you prefer to get your updates via Tweets, follow us on Twitter @VapeForest.

Ascent Vaporizer

Ascent Vaporizer Release Date

Wondering when the new Ascent vaporizer by Organicix is scheduled to be released? Well, we just got off the phone with an insider who informs us that this new portable vaporizer, by the makers of the popular DaVinci vaporizer, is scheduled to be released in less than one week. The date specified was May 1, 2013. While it may or may not be readily available from the major vaporizer stores (Got Vape & Vape World), it will almost certainly be available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website. For reference, our sources at the aforementioned vape stores (VapeWorld, GotVape) have informed us that they will be carrying the Ascent.

What’s So Special About This New Portable Vaporizer?

The materials used in the construction of the vapor pathway make all the difference when it comes to the taste or flavor of the vapor produced. While the original DaVinci vaporizer was a huge success, it goes without saying that some users were unimpressed with the flavor due to the choice of materials in the vapor pathway. In particular, the mouthpiece was not the most pleasant to wrap ones lips around. That said, it appears as if the company behind the DaVinci vape, Organicix LLC, has taken this into account while designing their latest portable vape, as they’ve opted for an all glass vapor pathway. Not only is it the first portable glass on glass vaporizer, it’s also got one of the longest lasting batteries amongst the portables that are currently on the market. With approximately 4 hours of nonstop vapor production before requiring a recharge, you have at least twice as much battery life as Arizer’s popular Solo vaporizer and that’s impressive. While there are certainly other features worth mentioning, we’ll refrain from elaborating until we get a chance to test it out for ourselves; something that we should be doing relatively soon, as we’re sure to be one of the first to pickup this hot new vape.


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