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Ascent Vaporizer Release Date

Wondering when the new Ascent vaporizer by Organicix is scheduled to be released? Well, we just got off the phone with an insider who informs us that this new portable vaporizer, by the makers of the popular DaVinci vaporizer, is scheduled to be released in less than one week. The date specified was May 1, 2013. While it may or may not be readily available from the major vaporizer stores (Got Vape & Vape World), it will almost certainly be available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website. For reference, our sources at the aforementioned vape stores (VapeWorld, GotVape) have informed us that they will be carrying the Ascent.

What’s So Special About This New Portable Vaporizer?

The materials used in the construction of the vapor pathway make all the difference when it comes to the taste or flavor of the vapor produced. While the original DaVinci vaporizer was a huge success, it goes without saying that some users were unimpressed with the flavor due to the choice of materials in the vapor pathway. In particular, the mouthpiece was not the most pleasant to wrap ones lips around. That said, it appears as if the company behind the DaVinci vape, Organicix LLC, has taken this into account while designing their latest portable vape, as they’ve opted for an all glass vapor pathway. Not only is it the first portable glass on glass vaporizer, it’s also got one of the longest lasting batteries amongst the portables that are currently on the market. With approximately 4 hours of nonstop vapor production before requiring a recharge, you have at least twice as much battery life as Arizer’s popular Solo vaporizer and that’s impressive. While there are certainly other features worth mentioning, we’ll refrain from elaborating until we get a chance to test it out for ourselves; something that we should be doing relatively soon, as we’re sure to be one of the first to pickup this hot new vape.


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  1. Vape Forest

    While we’re all anticipating the release of this hot new vape, it appears as if a delay in production (attributed to the product packaging) has pushed back the release date, however, we here at have our fingers crossed, hoping shipments will commence by the end of the month. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


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