10 Popular and Beneficial Aromatherapy Blends

There are many reasons why you should consider incorporating aromatherapy oils into your regular healthcare regimen. For starters, aromatherapy has been touted for its purported health benefits, ranging from stress management to natural sleeping aids.

So you may be wondering, how does aromatherapy work? Essential oils of your preferred blend are extracted and distilled from certain plants, which you can either inhale or apply to pressure points on your skin (always consult your physician before starting a new healthcare routine). Inhaling these pleasant aromas are thought to trigger our smell receptors and positively interact with our brain; serving as unique, aromatherapy-based treatment options.

Interested in what aromatherapy can do for you? Check out our featured infographic (below) for some of the greatest essential oil recipes to restore your health! Whether you need a seasonal oil blend to calm those summer allergies, or a boost of energy for a long work day, these aromatherapy blends serve as excellent (and natural) modalities that can help balance both mind and body.

10 Aromatherapy Blends Infographic

This image shows ten aromatherapy blends which are both beneficial as well as popular.

Feel free to share this infographic, just be sure to credit us (VAPE FOREST) for all of the hard work we put into it.

DaVinci’s Custom Portable Vaporizers

You might be incredibly surprised to find that the ol’ DaVinci company now lets you customize their latest portable vaporizer using an application on their website. They published the infographic seen on this page (below) to explain the entire process of ordering a custom vaporizer through their new vaporizer customization option.

Custom Ascent Vaporizer Infographic

This infographic shows how to order a custom vaporizer from DaVinici Vaporizer’s customization program for their Ascent vaporizers. This infographic was found on DavinciVaporizer.com

Taking a look at the vape builder on their site, you might find yourself amazed by the number of patterns there are to choose from. You can make your vape look like just about anything, but then again, you probably have something specific in mind. Don’t we all? We thought a forest green and purple one might look cool but funky might be a better description.

This isn’t the first vaporizer company to allow for customization, but they might have been the first to offer it with a portable and we’re almost positive that they’re the first to offer this many variants to choose from. After all, there are multiple components to be skinned and a long list of patterns to choose from, making for a ridiculous number of options when you think about it. Our guess? Just about anyone can find a combination that suits them.

If you don’t know much about the Ascent vaporizer, that’s alright because those of us here at Vape Forest know more than enough. It’s a portable vaporizer which basically means that it doesn’t have any required cords while it’s vaping (in use) and it’s compact enough to be warrant being carried around. There’s not one point, but many, that make it one of the most unique portable vaporizers we’ve ever seen. The first of which is the all glass vapor pathway; this is what really caught our eye at first glance. This is something we were dying to see in a portable because it’s a feature that we strongly believe should be more widely adapted due to the benefits of vaporizing with an inert material like glass. The second intriguing feature was its ability to vaporize not one, but many types of blends including the dry, the liquid, and even the waxy blends. So if it’s essential aromatherapy oils or some dried lavender that you’re trying to vaporize, it’s got you covered.

Temperature controls with some of the portables is a little lacking. Some have too few temperature choices between their preselects and others don’t maintain the temperature properly. Others get too hot while some don’t seem to get warm enough. With the Ascent, you have digital temperature controls that our experiences would indicate to be quite accurate when it comes to maintaining the desired vaporizing temperature. That’s definitely a good thing and one of the reasons why we like it so much because this translates into consistent vapor production. When we say consistency, we’re referring to both the density of the vapor as well as the stream of vapor. Some vaporizer heating elements produce heat in a pulsating fashion in which the temperature is not maintained. This seems to result in intermittent production of vapor, whereas the Ascent’s stream of vapor appears to be consistent as opposed to intermittent.

Back to the Ascent vape news, if you want to check out DaVinci’s custom Ascent builder, you can test it out without having to place an order. So if you were worried there might be some kind of financial commitment, there’s not. If you like what you’ve created, you can obviously order it and the company will process your order and begin manufacturing your custom vape.

Herbalizer Vaporizers Have Arrived


The Herbalizer Vaporizer.

While we’re usually amongst the first to try new vaporizers, we have yet to try the new Herbalizer vaporizers that are out now. From what we’ve heard, they’re definitely one of the top vapes in terms of performance, but their high cost might sway some away from picking one up, as they have a cost that rivals the Volcano vaporizers. But being one of the more expensive vaporizers has some perks, as the device appears to be one of the best desktop vaporizers that’s currently on the market.

We’ll have more on the Herbalizer in due time and we’ll be sure to update all of you when we do.

Our Latest Ascent Video Review Was Covered By A Vaporizer News Site

We had to update our Ascent vaporizer review to reflect some changes that were made to an updated version we had received and to correct a mistake. We found this video, which we made and published on YouTube, on a vaporizer news site. The website where we found this is a new one based on the timestamps of the articles published. It looks like they only recently started but they’re obviously off to a good start because we’re already talking about them and we, Vape Forest, are widely recognized vaporizer reviewers.

For those that don’t know about the Ascent, it’s a newer vape that’s handheld, portable, and versatile. In terms of versatility, we’re referring to its ability to vaporize various blend types. The temperature controls range from zero to over 400 degrees (Fahrenheit). It’s not the smallest, but it is one of our favorites. When they first came out, they were only available in 3 patterns/colors. This changed with the introduction of the carbon fiber one. At this point, they have their build your own vaporizer option which lets you select the colors/patterns you want from a wide variety options.

The big deal with Ascents is their glass on glass design. An all glass vapor pathway isn’t something you’ll find in every vaporizer but Organicix LLC has pulled it off in this portable and that’s basically legendary in our minds.

Back to the site where our video was found, we’re happy to see other websites sharing our videos. Especially happy when those sharing our videos happen to be in the vaporizer industry. To that regard, we must express our appreciation by saying thank you to VaporizerWire.com for sharing our video review of the Ascent! We’re so appreciative, we just might follow Vaporizer Wire on Twitter.

On a side note, our blog doesn’t look that great to us. We’re thinking about updating its appearance. Let us know what you think about updating the appearance of our blog.

Add Vapor for Some Extra Culinary Flavor

In the late 1700s, French financier/food aficionado Grimond de la Reyniere declared, “The kitchen is a country in which there are always new discoveries to be made.”

Some two centuries later, our foodie love affair continues to ring true. From traditional dishes to avant-garde creations, citizens of the world all seem to share one thing in common: our worldwide penchant for good eats.

Perhaps one of the latest methods to heat up the kitchen includes a home appliance, not generally touted for its culinary inclusion….the vaporizer.

Vaporizer Cooking Picture

How To Cook With Vaporizers.

Known as “aromatization” (or “molecular gastronomy,” if you want to get fancy), this process uses vapor to add both flavor and aroma to your dish.

Believe it or not, vaporizers have been hailed as the premiere instrument to jazz up one’s dining experience in recent years. There’s even a technique known as “hypermodern cooking,” which uses vaporizers to enhance the flavors of meals.

Perhaps most popular is the Volcano vaporizer, which is hailed as the ultimate device for the hypermodern cooking movement. Just what makes the Volcano the perfect vape for that piquant platter? Check our latest infographic (see image above) to see how the Volcano vaporizer can spice up your next great dish!


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Busy, Busy, Busy @ VapeForest.com

Those of us here at Vape Forest have been busier than usual trying to test all of the vaporizers we have managed to get a hold of. One of our main goals at the moment is to update our YouTube channel and Ascent review with a new Ascent vaporizer video review to clear up any misconceptions that have come as a result of any error within our original video. We would like to remind all of our loyal followers to subscribe to our newsletter using the subscription form at the top of this blog. We would also like to take a moment to remind everyone that we are always interested in reviewing new vaporizers so if you have one that you think we should test, be sure to let us know by reaching out to us via the Contact Page on our website. That’s all for now. We wish you all a wonderful winter!

Video: How To Use The Ascent By DaVinci

This video by the folks over at DaVinci demonstrates how to use the Ascent’s digital controls. If you were wondering how to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius operating modes, this is the video for you. It also explains how to setup the advanced temperature control system, adjust the vaporizing temperature, change the settings on the auto-off motion timer, turn the unit on and off, and more. Definitely take the time to watch this next video (the one directly below this paragraph) if you’re unclear as to the specifics of operating this device.

By now, assuming you’ve watched both videos, you should have an excellent understanding of how to use DaVinci’s new Ascent.

Snoop Dogg Partners With Grenco Science

Snoop Dogg Vaporizer

The new Snoop Dogg G-Pen vaporizer by Grenco Science

Grenco Science, makers of the popular G Pen vaporizers, have released a new Snoop Dogg edition G-Pen to commemorate their recently announced partnership. The new vape features a road-map of Long Beach, California. Those of us at Vape Forest haven’t had a chance to test this new portable, however, it looks like, at a glance, one hot new vape with style and grace. A quote by Snoop Dogg on Grenco’s website read:

What’s fly about the vaporizer movement is that it’s clean and convenient. Launching my custom G Pen is a great way to kick off the business partnership with Grenco Science

What are your thoughts on this recent collaboration?

How To Vaporize Liquids With DaVinci’s Ascent

Ascent by DaVinci is designed to vaporize essential aromatherapy oils and other liquid blends and this video by Organicix (makers of the Ascent and DaVinci vaporizers) demonstrates exactly how to go about vaporizing them. For starters, simply load one of the included glass oil jars with your preferred blend. Next, choose whether or not you’ll be using a higher or lower temperature, as this will decide whether or not you choose to use a lid. The lid is entirely optional, though, those of here at VapeForest.com recommend using a lid unless you’re vaporizing on the higher temperature settings. In this video, the DaVinci company suggests the same: lids on low temperatures, no lids on high temperatures.

For reference, Ascents, just like the classic DaVinci vapes, are designed to accommodate the vaporization of both liquid as well as dry blends.

Video: How To Clean Ascent Vaporizer By DaVinci

In this video, the DaVinci Vaporizer company demonstrates how to clean the Ascent vaporizer. Basic maintenance entails cleaning of the heating chamber and the two glass pieces that compose the vapor pathway. The two pieces that compose the vapor pathway are known as the internal glass straw and the glass mouthpiece. As both parts are glass, they’re easy enough to clean. Brush off any debris using a cleaning brush, soak them in isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or glass cleaner, and then rinse them with water and you’re done. Cleaning the heating chamber requires a q-tip which, as seen in the video, is dipped into isopropyl alcohol and then used to clean the contents of the chamber. The entire cleaning process is relatively simple and straight forward.

Those of us here at Vape Forest were quite pleased with how easy the Ascent was to clean when using the aforementioned process. Compared to cleaning some of the other handhelds we’ve come across, cleaning the Ascent was nothing short of a walk in the park; Ascents are an absolute breeze to clean.

The video embedded in this post can be found on YouTube at http://youtu.be/C-NyXQcOq0s